Absentee management has no place in the hospitality business. The risks are too high and the details too important. The Madison Hospitality Group prides itself in offering a full range of "hands-on" hotel management services, spanning the entire hotel investment cycle.

Development and Construction
Whether we're building a new property or repositioning an existing one, MHG has a proven track record of identifying economically viable hotel/restaurant opportunities that are profitable to both investors and the company. We have the capability to handle all construction including identifying the most appropriate hotel product, brand and size based on the market analysis. We will address zoning and financing issues, develop blueprints and interior design, and manage all elements of construction for a new hotel or renovation of existing hotels.

Financial Services
Our staff and outside services of accountants, along with the operation teams, will establish strong internal controls, and properly interpret and consolidate financial information to ensure our hotels are operating cost-effectively and profitably. With centralized accounting services and uniform procedures, we improve cash flow and timely reporting for each ownership group, communicate clearly and timely, and help our corporate office and operations teams closely monitor each property's operation. Performance and compensation, insurance, associate benefits and retirement options are all regularly monitored to assure they are competitive, attractive and affordable for hotel owners.

Human Resources
Staff members are our most important assets and that's why we make sure our hotels and restaurants are staffed with the best. We provide direction in areas of compensation, benefits, training, and development to help create a positive working environment in which our staff can grow and prosper. We strive towards low turnover and believe that a well managed performance and compensation plan in a positive work environment enables us to deliver the same service we do every day to our staff members as we do to our guests.

Properties managed by MHG consistently outperform hotels in their respective markets in both occupancy and average rate. In review of data from Smith Travel, our hotels exceed both in penetration and yield in our markets. Our team is distinguished by a "hands-on, on-site" management philosophy that ensures top management is personally involved in every project. As a result, properties managed by MHG consistently achieve profitability levels higher than industry standards.

Pre-Opening Management
The Madison Hospitality Group is equipped to handle all pre-opening phases of a new hotel, from architecture and construction to furniture, fixtures and equipment. With our years of experience in opening new hotel properties, you can be assured of a smooth opening. We will recruit your management team, handle all pre-opening sales efforts to insure that the hotel is positioned correctly in the market place, and oversee advance bookings so the hotel opens with maximum profitability. We have proven experience in competing directly with the competition and exceeding market penetration and yield.

Product Management
We have vast knowledge of brand standards and specifications. Our efforts are focused on satisfying the needs of our customers by providing quality hotel products. We will also manage items that are so often disregarded: maintenance, energy, telecommunications and safety. Programs are implemented to insure that we make the most of our available resources, decrease expenditures, and increase profits.

Receivership Services
Through our experience with both legal and financial institutions, we are well postured to handle the receivership of any hotel asset. We are able to respond on short notice and will ensure the smoothness of each and every transition.

With our knowledge of brand standards and specifications and our network of procurement companies from design to architecture, we can assure that each renovation is postured to compete in the market place and that the design is timeless. We have excellent experience in the area of renovation from both the financial and the design sides to ensure that the project is achieved at or under budget.
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